Man Uses Cuddly Cheetah As a Pillow


Prepare to see an adorable video. Even a wild, dangerous cat can behave like a house cat. Dolph C. Volker conducted the experiment with two tame cheetahs from the endangered breeding center called Cheetah Experience in South Africa.
Cats and cheetahs, in particular, love softness. The name of the cheetah you will see now is Faith. She was diagnosed with sterile meningitis affecting her bones, joints and nerves. She loves to come to her favorite human to snuggle.
Man’s bed was tough so he asked if he could out his head on her and cheetah did not mind that. The matter is that wild cats as well as home cats often do it. They lay on top of each other for warmth, and if cheetah accepted the man, it also allowed him do the same. The man heard cheetah’s heart beating as he slept on her.
Watch the full video below!