Mama Sheep Accidentally Got Out Of Her Barn


Of course, this is possible, although extremely rare. Domestic goat belongs to the genus mountain goats, domestic sheep – to the genus sheep. The goat has 60 chromosomes and the sheep has 54 chromosomes. Offspring obtained by crossing, is usually stillborn. However, this is not necessary.

Known cases, when hybrid progeny remains alive and most often infertile. A male hybrid, the offspring of sheep and goat, was born in Botswana in 2000. The hybrid was castrated in 10 months. The analysis showed that the individual has 57 chromosomes-an intermediate number between the number of chromosomes of sheep (54) and goat (60). Hybrid in five years, weighed 93 kg, had a rough external coat, but a soft inner, long goat legs and RAM’s heavy body.

Despite the fact that the hybrid was sterile, he had a very active libido. When it became a hindrance, he was castrated. Hybrids grew bigger than sheep. Adult basly appearance looked more like a sheep, the coat resembled the wool of Caucasian sheep dogs, less undercoat, and shedding in the spring as goats.