Lions Treat Woman Like the Leader of the Pride


25-year-old Israeli Or Lasmi, whose height only 152 cm and weighs just over 50 pounds, runs the Seaview Lion Park in South Africa, inhabited by 30 lions, 10 tigers and three leopards.

Fragile Or does not show the slightest fear when embracing Shosho, a huge Amur tiger weighing more than 200 kilograms. After she has grown, dozens of wild cats, she is completely confident in them. “This is not an ordinary job,” or says, ” these tigers are my children. I like to communicate closely with them, even though I’m much smaller than them.

People are afraid of tigers because they are so strong, but we teach animals to understand the word “no.” I never allow them to release the claws or show my teeth. They scratched me when I was little and I didn’t have that experience with them.”