Lion Jumps into the Car to Say “Hi” to Tourists and It Will Be the Cutest Thing You’ll See Today


What a sweet kitty!

This friendly lion is the star of the local safari park. When the tourists arrive to pay him a visit, he does not hesitate to welcome them with hugs and kisses. We often hear that lions can be aggressive towards humans since they are the kings of the savannah and do not let anyone usurp their rule. However, this is not the case with Phil. He’s been living in the park for several years, and now, he is ready to meet the visitors.

The caretakers say that this lion is indeed special. He proves that the representatives of his kind are children of the pride, who cannot exist outside of the community. Unlike tigers, who are more independent by nature, lions love socializing and would gladly spend the entire day, surrounded by humans. Phil is overwhelmed every time he spots the caretaker coming.

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