Lion Is Surrounded By 20 Hyenas With No Way Out Until His Brother Shows Up


Red is a young lion who loves to explore. He spends his days exploring the territory that his pride occupies. As he has grown older, he has become more and more curious. This curiosity turned out to be a major detriment. One day, he decided to explore the very edge of his territory. This is a decision that Red would soon come to regret.

Once he made his way to the territory’s edge, a pack of hyenas advanced on him almost immediately. When the hyenas surrounded him, they started to laugh in a way in a frightening way. It was as if the laughter was being used to mock him. Poor Red was surrounded. He was not going to be able to fight his way out of this one. The hyenas had him hopelessly outnumbered.

At this point in time, it looked like Red was not going to survive this encounter. He tried to growl at them, as a means of frightening them away. When that did not work, he resorted to an attack and bit one of the hyenas with relative ease. Red was not able to cause any serious damage, though. The rest of the hyenas were not about to accept this behavior without fighting back.

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