Jockey Falls Up But Horse Doesn’t Give Up And Wins The Race Alone


Rudioso Downs hosted the most unusual horse race we have ever seen. The performance of the horse that crossed the finish line first was logged as ‘unfinished’ and it divided the opinions of those who watched the viral Facebook video of the actual race.

At the start of the race, the ‘winning’ horse named Fancy Stripes stumbled out and threw the jockey off his back. What happened next is that the riderless horse continued the race on his own. Not only the horse was holding pace with the other horses, but he ended up finishing the race first. After the fall, the jockey Justin Shepherd only suffered minor injuries and headed to the jockey quarters to watch his horse running.

It’s not that unusual for a jockey to fall from the horse either at the beginning or in the middle of the race, but in that case, the horse usually wanders off to the side of the track. However, it looked like Fancy Stripes didn’t mind losing his jockey, because he knew exactly what to do, and that’s finish the race.

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