Horses Rush To Fence To Meet Little Fella They Can’t Quite Comprehend. When You See Who It Is, You’ll Melt


When they brought him to a horse farm, it is just like everything an adult. Pippin grew up isolated from their own kind, so the horses were observed for the first time. We need to see how sleek the horse apples he ran to the fence and began to sniff the baby.

Behind her to the railing tightened and other relatives. No doubt, baby Pippin they liked. You can watch the touching picture of how the celestial steed is forgiven look with Pippin. Looks like it’s definitely love at first sight.

I have tears welling in his eyes, so touching this video. And in combination with classical music it is generally perceived as a silent film about love. Perhaps the cult Soviet film was to be called “Love and horses”, but, as they say, is another story.