Horse Stands Perfectly Still, But Watch What Happens When ‘Achy Breaky Heart’ Plays


Billy Ray Cyrus performed his “Achy Breaky Heart” sitting on a grey horse. This horse is very well trained. She is not afraid of a huge crowd on the stadium. Together with Billy Ray Cyrus there are 5 other cowboys. First time this singer presented this video clip in 1992 and since that time it is a very popular song. Cyrus started out playing nightclubs and bars in Ironton, Ohio with a band called Sly Dog, which he’d formed with his brother in the late ’80s. For a brief time, he tried to make it as a solo act in Los Angeles and ended up living out of his Chevy Beretta. The song was initially pitched to the Oak Ridge Boys, who considered it but ultimately passed on because lead singer Duane Allen didn’t like the words “Achy Breaky.”