Horse Passes Gas, Hilarious Video Leaves More Than 11 Million People In Stitches


Horse on the walk decided to take a bath. The horse being accustomed to freedom and constantly chewing. Reflex is constantly something to chew persists in the intervals between receptions of food. This horse start licking the walls or chew on non-solid objects.

Another explanation for this behavior-poor-quality food, lack of minerals. Their horse tries to make up, licking the walls. Depending on what licks or chews the horse, it is possible to determine what mineral it lacks. If poor quality hay, the horse will start to eat the earth, it speaks about shortage of phosphorus in the body. Lack of sodium causes desire to there is sand.

Non-normalized ration of the horse should be adjusted, otherwise there is the risk of developing certain diseases, cracking hooves. During nutrition horse must receive iodine, vitamin D, cobalt, magnesium, carbohydrates, sulfur, where sea salt, zinc, manganese. Deviations from the list are acceptable, but most trace elements should be present. This is important for horse health.