Horse Jumps Out Of Excitement When He Notices A New Toy At His Gate


A minute of fun and fervent laughter from a horse that gets real pleasure playing with this rubber toy. Everyone should be able to enjoy the simplest things in life like this horse! Pleasant viewing! Bottles of thrown oats to horses.

Take a bottle, make holes in it and pour oats. The horse will be a bottle drive on the stall, and oats to collect. Or you can hang her. For a good, suitable character you will forgive her some other weaknesses, and good health of the horse that you are afraid to go to the stall, will not bring you any joy. Of course you will invite to go with a vet coach, who engaged best friend for moral support.

And yet it is up to you to decide whether this horse is suitable. Health, good structure, flexible and of course are of great importance, but the nature of the horse more important than all other qualities.