Horse Gives Birth To Foal


Jenni is the founder and owner of the Saratoga Stud based in South Africa. She loves horses. She’s also a horse rider and breeder. In November 2014, one of her cute mares named Daisy got pregnant. Everyone was happy!

However, Daisy didn’t give birth on the day she was supposed to. She was past due date by 7 days when on one night, Jenni and her co-worker were called in by the night watch. Daisy was in labor!

Daisy gave birth to a little foal named Don Quixote, but that wasn’t the end of it. Jenni and Guy were about to leave when the dogs started barking aggressively. The two ran back to check what was happening, and that’s when they discovered something stunning. Daisy was in labor again!

Turns out, the great horse was about to bring forth twins into the world. But the second one was in breach position and they had to help. Duet came into the earth, still breathing. In a few minutes’ time, the twins were all okay and happy around their mom!