Hippos save a duckling that gets trapped in a deep pool by giving it a boost


This little duckling went for a dip in the bond before realizing that the edge was just a tad too high for him to get back out again.

Then, two massive hippos began to swim towards the trapped baby duck. In fact, you can see how panicked the little bird is as the two huge creatures slowly swim towards him.

But who can blame him? I’d be terrified too. However, these hippos were more concerned with the duck than anything else. They could see the tiny bird was distressed.

They also spotted the duckling’s family in the distance so they knew he wanted to be reunited. So between the two hippos, they managed to help get the bird back out of the water.

Sure, the duckling was hesitant at first, but soon he realized they were trying to help him out. When he is finally free to run back to the safety of his mother’s wings, it is heartwarming to watch. You can hear him chirping into the distance, thanking his hippo helpers

Source: happiest.net