Heartbreaking Footage of Orangutan Trying to Fight off Excavator that is Destroying his Home


What is happening with the forests and the wildlife around the world is devastating and speaks a lot of us as humans and how we failed in preserving the Earth as home of every living creature.

The only thing the powerful multinational corporations care about is how to make more money, and the issues that come along the deforestation of large areas are totally ignored. Some of the problems that emerge by this processes are the imbalance of the ecosystem, erosion and sedimentation of the land, and most concerning of all the destruction of the natural habitat of large number of animals among which the endangered orangutans.

Recently, a video of an orangutan who was desperately trying to save his home was shared online and it caught the attention not only of the animal rights activists but of the ordinary people as well and left them all heartbroken. This took place in West Kalimantan, Indonesia, in the middle of the process of demolishing part of the Sungai Putri forest, which is a habitat of the endangered Bornean orangutans.

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