He Was Trying To Put Shoes On His Horse, Horse’s Response Leaves Everybody In Stitches


The man sawed the hooves of the horse, and she thanked him. From the earliest stage, the foal shows a gesture of chewing and licking, which is similar to sucking the udder. Later it becomes a social behavior contributing to peace in times of conflict.

Behaviorists believe that empty chewing (bruxism) not only inhibits aggression of the enemy, but also soothes, relaxes (the so-called active displacement). If the horse shows this kind of behavior, there are reasons for this: the horse feels threatened and shows behavior that, in its opinion, is adequate to prevent the threat.

Chewing and licking can have just a physiological explanation: running — increasing horse ejection — dry mouth — licking. This means that the horse can lick and chew after fright.