He Saw A Fox Stealing His Golf Bag. Now Watch What This Man Does To Get It Back! LOL!


The man was distracted from the game to remove the animal released to people. The Fox went to open the bag of a golfer, grabbed the purse and fled. However leaving a crime scene, the Fox dropped a purse and the man returned the property.

On video it is visible as a Fox disappointedly returns and tries to find missing. This is not the first time red cheats steal valuables. For example, in Norway, the Fox stole a smartphone from a teenager, who together with a friend spent in the forest testing a new phone application. The developers of the program promised that the device makes sounds that attract wild animals.

The young Fox got close to the phone with the working application. Animal some time went around the tube lying on the ground, and then grabbed it and ran off into the thicket. Friends never managed to return the phone.