He Caught Two Playful Horses Doing THIS In The Pond. I Never Expected To See THIS


I knew dogs were playful creatures, but never expected horses to be one as well. But after watching this video below, I totally understand why people love horses. Horses are majestic creatures and they always have a magnificent air around them, but when you watch this video, you’ll know that they can be as playful as they can be majestic. You are going to melt to see these two adorable horses!

The video starts with two horses from Osgoode, Ontario getting into the water to beat the summer heat. At first, they just seem like enjoying the cool water and nothing further. But in a moment, one of the horses starts to blow bubbles inside the water. Seeing how his pal is having fun, another horse starts doing the same.

They look like two little kids having fun in the water. Isn’t that adorable? Let us know via comments

Sourse: thisamazedme.com