He Brought Giant Horse To The Field


Majestic horses are admired by humans for centuries. Some breeds have an immense build and this contributes to their strength and power. Their flowing mane adds some elegance to their appearance. Each breed has its advantages and people learned to use them with regard of their characteristics. Some horses are used for races, others are better for other kinds of work. Sturdy structure of Belgian draft horse is valued much by breeders.
Belgian Draft Horse can weigh can reach 2,000 pounds! They are considered to be one of the biggest horses in the world. They also usually have long and thick tails, but as for the horse in this video it has a tail that has been docked. Horse owners do this because the horses often get tangled on their tails.
This video is liked by those who admire the horses. Watch how this horse moves and look at its stunning legs. This is the horse with exotic name – Buffalo van’t Zwaluwnest. It features huge and thick body but when it runs it seems that the horse is weightless.