Grandma Takes Care Of Stray ‘Cat’ – Son Dies Of Laughter When He Learns It’s Not A Cat At All


Eric’s grandmother is one of those people we admire because of their love for the stray animals. This loving lady has a habit of welcoming stray cats to her home and providing them with food and a comfortable bed. Even if she can’t take all those cats in, she still makes sure each and every one of those who pass by her porch have fresh water, milk, and food. There are soft beds in front of her house for the animals so whenever Eric is around he is used to seeing all those cats keeping his granny company.

But, during the latest visit Eric noticed one of the cats was quite different than the rest, and the reason why was that is wasn’t a cat at all.

Without being aware of it, the grandma welcomed an opossum along with the bunch of cats. The interesting thing was that the creature was having nice time, snuggled up in the corner in one of the cozy beds.

Eric though this was actually fun so he posted a picture of the unusual sight on Twitter.

The grandma had no idea why her grandson was so shocked when he saw the cat. She told him it was spending time in the house for some time now. Eric didn’t know whether to be alarmed or completely amused by his grandmother’s naivety.

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