Gorilla Copies Humans


Do you believe in existence of big foot or sasquatch? Some part of us does, even we logically understand the absurdity of this theory. Many people do believe in it and if it is so, it should be true. Somewhere in the woods apes walk like humans though they look like animals. Just look at Ambam who can easily do it! It is an amazing trick and it reminded of all those legends about mythical human like creatures. Though Ambam is not a mythical creature, his ability makes him special. This is how a big foot would actually look like in reality. You will see this gorilla that walks upright like humans.
Ambam is from Kent, England and looks like a gorilla. Most of the time. But at all other times Ambam practices human walk. The animal features the imposing sight. It looks impressive how gorilla walks around the enclosure!