Foal is scheduled to be put down since he can’t be a race horse


Horse breeding is one of the fastest growing operations these days. Quite similar to “Factory Farming” and “Breeding Rings”, it is a very profitable business – but not for the animals. Horse breeding started off because of races. When you bet on a racehorse, it supports these breeding rings indirectly. Since it is so lucrative, breeders do whatever they see fit to produce as much foals as possible.

However, not every foal has the capacity to be a race horse. As a result, these “incompetent” horses are discarded and left for dead. In order to save these poor foals, Victoria Goss, has been giving it her all. The kind woman has been rescuing horses for the most part of her life. In 2008, she established an organization called Last Chance Corral as way to protect these vulnerable horses.

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