Farmer Discovers His Horse Had Fallen Into Pit


The owner of the horse that got into trouble did not know what to do when the horse fell into the pit. Marek Slodkowski has been working with horses for over 13 years. He raises these majestic animals, but he has never encountered the situation like this. When he came to the barn once, the horse was in the maintenance pit. The animal slipped, fell down and then just stuck and could not get out. No matter how hard she tried to use her legs. She was too heavy to do it in her own. Each time she was trying to do it, nothing came of it. Though there were many men around, but it was hard to raise such a heavy animal. This incredible rescue mission was completed after 12 hours only. All this time the horse has been staying in the pit. Ultimately, horse was saved with help of local firefighters. Incredible!