Elephants Always Line Up To Hug This Woman – Who Has Raised Them For Forty Years


Seeing this woman, elephants run to her from all legs. You’d be surprised to know why! Daphne Sheldrick is a rare example of a man who has found his calling. All her life she was engaged in environmental protection. In the middle of the last century, together with the husband, the woman in charge of one of the oldest national parks of Kenya.

When David, Daphne’s husband, died in 1977, she didn’t quit working with animals. The Savior of wildlife has established a Fund and named it in honor of the deceased husband. Since then and until today, lady Sheldrick has been working in the field of animal care. Unlike many other high-ranking functionaries, this woman does not hesitate to personally save our smaller brothers. If someone made a list of Daphne reared animals, some elephants it would be a few dozens. By the way, thick-skinned giants do not forget the person who did them so much good.

Look at that woman talking to the gray giants! Note, that I not for good reason called this a distinguished woman lady. The Queen of Great Britain herself dedicated Mrs. Sheldrick to the ladies, appointing her one of the commanders of the order of the British Empire. These honors are awarded to a few, but Daphne his rank was more than fair!