Elephant Swept Miles Out To Sea Rescued By Navy


This video was released by Sri Lanka Navy released dramatic footage, on which you can see the rescue of a drowning elephant that earlier was swept out to sea. The strength of the current was so big that the rescuers found the elephant “Jumbo” only 15km off the coast of the place where it happened – Kokkuthuduwai, Kokilai, Sri Lanka.

According to the opinion of Sri Lanka Navy, the elephant crossed the lagoon between jungles when the tragedy happened.
Elephant are good swimmers but just for short time. They can’t swim long as it burns too much energy. Another danger is that salt of sea water can damage the skin of the mammals therefore it was necessary to intervene to help the poor animal.

The rescue continued 12 hours, during which a team of Navy divers guided the elephant to the shore with ropes. The vet cared for Jumbo before he was returned to the wild.