Dog Rescued Two Grizzly Bear Cubs and Brought Them To Granny


This is a very unusual family! A 62-year-old grandmother has the most unusual pets you can imagine! She lives with two bears and a tiger! It is hard to imagine more unconventional pets than these ones!
She used to be a truck driver so she knows how to deal with heavy weights. But grizzly bears and a tiger? This is incredible! And VERY, VERY dangerous! Two bears weigh about 600 pounds. Anyway, Granny understands that and is fully aware of what she does. She is sure that they will not bring harm if you are smart enough and do everything properly. She called them Pebbles and Bam-Bam. The have been living with her since babyhood. She also owns the tiger Anushka that was given to her as a gift. But the dog brought the bear cubs! It, probably, decided that if mom keeps a tiger, why not take two bear cubs as company? This is so extraordinary! Watch the full story: