Deer Came Up To Man


The man decided to take a sun bath, and it turned out that the deer is also not averse to relax. It is not clear what he likes, whether the smell of sunscreen, or just people who settled in the sun.

Deer noble-cautious pet with remarkable developed sense of smell, hearing and sight. Avoiding the least danger, he safely hidden in the woods and are active only at night. It is the largest among the deer of fauna of Ukraine cloven-hoofed animals. His body length more than 2.5 m, slender, well-proportioned structure, high on legs.

The head is elongated, the muzzle is broad. The ears are large, motile, bent forward, upright, sharpened at the edges.

The cervical Department is well developed. Especially remarkable are these deer with branched horns, which have at least four sprouts. The pelage consists of coarse, brittle spines and hair quite soft undercoat.

The color is reddish, and in winter-gray-brown. Near the tail there is a bright spot – “the mirror”, which is gradually transformed into a common color coloring croup. Newborns of deer to the first molt are clearly spotting.

Red deer live in quite different places: as the deciduous, mixed and coniferous lowland forests, mountain forests, etc. deer are common in the forest area of the Crimea. Here they often live in mountain forests, slopes with grassy edges