Cute Owls Compilation


Owls are funny, funny and just cute. Owls are one of the most mysterious and charismatic predators in the world. Despite the huge number of stereotypes that exist, we know very little about them. They often say that owls “see” with their ears.

By acuity of hearing, they exceed all birds and most terrestrial vertebrates, including mammals. Therefore, their own sound signals play a great importance for owls. And they are not limited to one ear: they are able to whistle, squeal, make shrill cries, click, grumble and even laugh.

So, the cry of snow owls in the North is similar to the cries of seabirds, and dwarf owls, for example, whimper whistling. There is even a screaming owl, which gives a series of noisy, sharp, whistling beeps. Thus the familiar “hooting”, which, incidentally, is not peculiar to all the species – claimed territory.