Cute Baby Elephant Throws A Temper Tantrum In The Road. Mom Knows Exactly How To Handle It


Stamping feet, pouting and screaming – this is what all children do from time to time. Mothers know about this and know how to deal with this. This is the same for humans and for animals. Temper tantrum is not the method to use to achieve something. The task of mother is to explain this to the kid.
When the child starts his show, it can be rather funny to watch it. If you want to see adorable antics of the baby elephant, you can watch the video below. Such a drama! The baby plopped his body on the side of the road and started acting like drama queen. The stoic behavior of his mother deserves the praise! She decided to ignore a little naughty baby. This is so hilarious how to tries to attract attention and all is in vain.