Curious Bear Calmly Sits Down Next To Photographer. Then He Realizes What He’s Up To…


Decided the two men to fish, and here they were joined by a bear. Came, sat for a while and went about his business. Bear is a great fisherman and so many fish around, which she jumps in the mouth, it is difficult to be a bad fisherman.

Exactly it is impossible to calculate, but if we assume that in August and September during the mass migration of sockeye salmon in the day, the bear eats about thirty fish per month, about a thousand, two months, two thousand plus still have July and October and November.

But on Earth there are many different types of bears, and they live almost everywhere. Bear predator is the largest predator among mammals of our planet; it is omnivorous and eats plant foods and meat, and any kind of carrion; and honey and other sweets are simply tasty. And depending on the inhabitants of the surrounding environment of the bear varies his diet.