Cat begging to come inside


Puma, also known as the Cougar, or mountain lion (and many names) is the largest representative of the subfamily of so-called small cats (Felianae) and the second, after a Jaguar cat of the Americas. He rescued her in 1998 when she was 8 weeks old. And after that it was a lot of training.

He built a whole house in order that she will be happy. She has a great yard and a lot of free space. But, most of all she like spending time with him. Puma lives at different altitudes, from the plains to the mountains with a height of 4700 m above the sea level. Found in forests, mountainous areas, on grassy plains and in the marshy lowlands.

With the exception of breeding season has a solitary lifestyle. The hunting grounds of the male is 140-760 km2, females 26-350 km2. Hunting the Puma is mostly in the dusk and during the day basking in the sun or sleeping in the den. In an open battle big game Cougar overcomes with difficulty.