Caretakers Try Take This Baby Panda’s Favorite Ball, He Throws The Most Adorable Tantrum


Toddlers are known to love their toys and not want to give them up when someone takes their toys away. Well, young animals may not be so different from human youngsters. One panda named Xiao Liwu shows us all just how similar young humans and young pandas really are.

Xiao Liwu, a Panda Bear was given a ball during his exam to test his coordination. Caretakers were also encouraging him to play with new objects. The little Panda had already been introduced to bamboo and a tree limb but the ball was a whole new experience. Little did the caretakers know how much Xiao Liwu would love that ball. He seemed to be captured by the shape and how he could hug it and roll around with it.

Xiao Liwu was clearly enjoying this new toy. He appeared to like it so much that he didn’t want anyone else to have it back. This footage was all caught on video for us all to enjoy. It may just be one of the most adorable tantrums I’ve ever seen. How about you? Take a look for yourself.

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