Caretaker Swats At Elephant, But What She Does Next Will Amaze You


It turns out that elephants, too, can be tamed – we just need to find the right approach. This girl knows how to “conquer” one of them: you just need to gently stroke the head of the animal, as well as quietly humming soothing melody.

And then the elephant will be at your feet. Girl Ellie is working on the project The Chai Lai Orchid is located in the mountains of Chiang Mai in Thailand. The aim of this project is to save the elephant family and help create shelter for them in the North of the country.

The elephant in the video, was born just three weeks ago. All of this time Ellie fluent together with him. Now the baby is so used to it that falls asleep in her arms lulled to sleep. Nice couple, isn’t it?!