Cameraman was trying to record a report


Wild cat has not given the operator to make the plot. Wild cat leads night and twilight lifestyle. Don’t like slush, cloudy weather. Therefore, if it rains at night, the European cat will sit in its lair, and the hunt will be released the next day.

Often they hunt just before sunset and at dawn. It is noteworthy that in those places where there are a lot of badger holes, the cat in them not only arranges permanent shelters, but also escapes from danger, even if there are many trees around. Hollow or burrow, intended for reproduction, lined with dry grass, leaves, feathers of birds.

Temporary refuge-small pits, deep under the cliffs, sometimes just a thick plexus of branches. In the Meadowlands cat often hides himself to stay in forks of trees, in abandoned nests of herons.