Boy Goes Sledding, But Grandma Bursts Into Laughter When She Realizes Her Mini Horses ‘Plan’


The boy tries to move out of the mountain on a sled, but the pony does not give him to do it, just see what they do! The boy went to the snow-covered hills near the lying farm, just to ride on a sled. It is true there walked a pony — well, let them walk.

Nothing foreshadowed troubles, but having moved down once from the mountain, ponies for some reason paid attention to the boy and rushed to it, having surrounded him from all directions. It turns out they also love to have fun and ride the roller coaster. From that moment the pony accompanied the boy everywhere.

He mountains, they are behind him, he downhill — they’re back… according to psychologists and riding instructors, horseback riding is not only beautiful but also useful. Not to mention the fact that children love horses.