Black Spotted Leopard Cub Pool Party | African Big Cats Cool Off & Dunk For Toys In A Childs Pool


At the zoo Flags Discovery Kingdom Zoo in the city of Vallejo, near San Francisco, California, the most popular place is the pool. Nancy Chan, an employee of the zoo: “It all started a few years ago when we noticed that one of our leopards named Kuma loves to jump into the pool.

Other tigers, too, began to dive in water, and now already all of this make. Often they swim themselves for fun.”Nine-year-old white Bengal leopard One – the leader of the pack, not far behind the skill of swimming six-year-old Amur tiger.

Leopards eat a variety of fish, reptiles, and mammals of different colors, such as baboons, antelopes, wild boars, hares and rodents. Among all types of big cats leopards are best able to climb trees. They also swim well and often catch fish and crabs in the water.