Big Lynx Cat Meowing Like A Small Kitten


I’ve never heard anything of the kind. I did not think that lynx is able to meow. It seemed to me that this animal does not have such ability. This is so cute! I could not believe what I heard. This big lynx kitty makes the same sound as little kitten – it is meowing! You need to listen it. I would not believe if I did not hear it. Cats look amazing even when they are such big and wild felines. They will always remain my most favorite animal.
Though this lynx kitty has huge paws, the sound it makes remains the same. This video made my day. I wonder what its meowing meant? Was it going to speak to its human? Did it want something from him? I though the lynx would make a deeper sound. This is why I am so surprised. It is so adorable without a deeper sound I expected.
My version is that he just says hi! Though it does not say much, but even now it is too talkative for big kittens who prefer to make other sounds not meowing.