Baby Miniature Horse Can’t Hold Back Her Excitement When She Sees Cameraman Recording Her


A small horse runs after a videographer. The word “pony” came to us from the English language, but it is not native and relatively new: the name of the dwarf horses comes from the French language of the seventeenth century, where means “little foal”. Pony is the common name for horses low-growing species, rising to 152 centimeters, or, if measured in English, 15 hand (1 hand equals 4 inches).

It is believed that the ancestors of the first pony appeared in the Northern areas of Scandinavia and southern France. The Scandinavian climate-severe, windy, with poor vegetation – strongly influenced the formation of the original breed – unpretentious, strong and undersized horses.

And in the South of France, in the Delta of the Rhone river, were found the remains of a horse, which is considered a prehistoric ancestor of ancient breeds, whose descendants are already modern ponies. In the world there are dozens of pony breeds, and they are very different in type, use and origin (Shetland, Wales, Exmoor, Icelandic, Hokkaido, etc.).