Baby Horse Wants Her New Friend To Give Her A Butt Scratch, Watch Her Reaction When He Refuses


Small horse pursue a person. But watch what she asks, when he finally pays attention. Nothing feels better than scratching an itch that’s been bothering you! Not all scratches are the same. Sometimes you can scratch yourself to relieve the itching, but sometimes you need help.

Like this little sheep that asks her friend to touch her! Nothing harder than trying to scratch his back. You can never scratch it at the right angle. And if it’s between the shoulder blades, forget about it, you can’t even reach! One little horse must always ask for help when it comes to scratch her back.

In particular, she needs someone to scratch her ass! Fillet really like to brush her butt and she even has a favorite person to do it! She would haunt his uncle to get him to scratch her ass. It’s the cutest thing!