Baby Elephant Fell Into Water And Unable To Stand Up, Mother Doesn’t Give Up


This was an amazing moment of wildlife and you are going to observe it as well. It happened in in Hwange National Park. All of the rescued Elephants who live at the Hwange National Park have formed a relationship with one another. This is how their big family was formed. The baby elephant fell into the ditch and could not get out. The elephants from the herd could not help the baby. Then the other herd came to rescue but they also could do nothing. After a number of failed attempts they give up but mom does not want to give up and continues to struggle/ Eventually, it occured to mom what she could do and she came up with the strategy to take the elephant calf out of the ditch. The method worked well and baby is free again. He is exhausted after his continuous efforts to get out, but he is safe. He runs beside his momma and will be very cautious in the future not to get into the same trouble again.