Authorities Are Selling Rescued and Rare White Lion To Trophy Hunters Just For Money


Mufasa, a white lion and his mate, Suraya, have been together for the past three years. They met for the first time at a South African wildlife rehabilitation center when Mufasa was seized from someone who was keeping him as a pet. The cubs formed an instant friendship and have been inseparable ever since.

However, now, the inseparable bond may be broken because the country’s Department of Rural, Environmental and Agricultural Development says it owns Mufasa and wants him to be sold off to “raise funds” for the South African government.

If Mufasa is sold, he will most probably end up at a canned hunting facility. There, the trophy hunters will pay thousands of dollars just to shoot him.

Today, there are overall only 300 white lions in the world and only 13 of them are living in the wild.

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