Australian Man Spots a Wild Koala on His Front Porch


When we see a wild animal in trouble, we always come to rescue. We can always call the control officers but still prefer to do it on our own.
Australian man heard a strange noise coming from the front porch and went in its direction. He saw a wild koala on the porch of his house. Man was very stunned to see the animal that even did not try to escape. Then he looked closer and understood that something was wrong. He saw that the animal needed help. Koalas are cute and cuddly, but they have sharp claws and teeth so it can be dangerous just to come up to them. Besides, koalas are carriers of chlamydia, which is a dangerous STD.
Man saw that koala had sharp burrs on its legs. Man took the hairbrush to remove the burrs. The koala did not protest and even enjoyed it. Man also gave koala some leaves from the tree growing in his garden. Then koala left but man sometimes sees it near his home in the trees.