These animals saw friends in danger and jumped in to save them – The last one is incredible!


In nature there are unique cases where some animals to save others. What drives animals when they save their own kind – this question should be addressed to scientists. But we see without them that the humane attitude to the representatives of their species, and other species, peculiar animals.

It turns out altruism is not only dogs, but also wild beasts, which, as we can see from this video, also have some idea about the correctness. They rush to the aid without thinking, when their children are in trouble. And sometimes just ready to caress another beast. Not all attempts are crowned with success, but the despair with which they try to rectify the situation deserves respect! The world of fauna is full of incredible stories about friendship, nobility and sacrifice. ever recorded on video. Baby Buffalo fell into the clutches of lions, then attacked by a pair of crocodiles.

But the mother of a Buffalo calf and the herd came to the defense of the kid and won. This scene cannot be forgotten. It’s hard to believe until you see it with your own eyes. The dog was hit by a car when he tried to run over one of Chile’s busy highways. The other dog, risking his own life, dragged the friend in a safe place. Both survived.