Animal Odd Couples: Animals And Their Humans


Once a Costa Rican fisherman Chito found in the bushes wounded five-meter crocodile. Chito with difficulty brought the animal home and began to heal the reptile. A crocodile named Pocho. During this time, the man and the crocodile became very attached to each other — they slept together and spent a lot of time.

When Pocho recovered, chitos led him to the water to let go, but the reptile did not leave. After a short swim, the crocodile returned home. Witnesses of this incredible friendship, which lasted about 20 years, said that the crocodile shows great patience and even tenderness. Australian fisherman Arnold Pointer saved from death a huge white shark-pulled her out of the net.

Now the actor is floating around for his Savior, her presence scares the entire prey Pointer, and when the fisherman stops the boat, the shark swims up to his friend and substitutes his belly that he scratched. The storm of all the seas of fun slapping the water with fins.