Adorable Otter Wraps Gently Around Man’s Arm And Can’t Let It Go!


As people told, they found the predator in an entrance of the house, the kid sat under the battery in a cardboard box. The first thought of the zoologists of the Park was to return a healthy animal to its natural habitat, but it turned out that for a number of reasons it is impossible to do.

A clever and born swimmer, otter river has long attracted the attention of man. Animal sort of way value not only for practical and durable fur, but and for its friendly character. She gets along well in captivity, bringing joy to their owners a high learning ability and is quite peace-loving.

Today attempts are being made to relocate the animal to her family lakes and ponds in these countries, but it was included in the list of endangered species. In terms of landscape, the animal prefers rivers with rapid current and rocky bottom.