Adorable baby goat drifts off to sleep


There is a wonderful farm in Indian River, Ontario where the creatures are more like family than farm animals. The farm is owned by Hamish and his mother, Gertrud. They have just had baby goats, Millie and Mocha, born one week ago. Their proud mother, Hazel, leads them around the farm, exploring and climbing. As with all babies, they get tired after an afternoon of playing and the adorable pair lies down on the ground under their mother’s watchful eye.

Mocha is especially exhausted and her eyes close as she struggles to stay awake. She rolls back slowly and then startles, only to get comfortable and drift right off again. Millie still has a little energy and isn’t quite as ready for slumber as Mocha. She and her mother talk quietly back and forth while Mocha snoozes.

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