Abused bull has been chained his whole life, has emotional reaction when he’s finally freed


Bandit the bull lived a life tied to a chain. The bull has never known a life of freedom and liberty.

This all changed when a man came to rescue him. The bull’s reaction to freedom is quickly going viral.

Across the world, bulls similar to Bandit live their life in chains. Many of them give up and pass away without ever experiencing freedom. Animal abuse is a prevalent issue in our world, and it needs to be addressed.

Fortunately, one animal refuge named Gut Aiderbichl is determined to make a difference. Christian, a sanctuary worker, heard of Bandit’s story, and immediately took action. He went to find Bandit in his confined stable. When he found the bull, Christian first pets the bull through the bars to show that he’s not hear to harm him. It’s evident at this moment that Bandit has never known what affection feels like, but over time, Bandit falls to his knees with Christian’s touch.

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