Abused Black Leopard Would Growl At Everyone Until One Woman Came


Animals almost never forget how we treat them. Even after years, they remember our kindness and will return them with interest. But that doesn’t mean they won’t remember our harshness as well. Treating animals with negligence and using harsh methods to keep them under control will do nothing but cause an un-erasable trauma in their minds. All they can do is suffer more and cause even more harm. The leopard featured in the video below is an example.

The leopard (now named Spirit) used to hate humans because of ill-treatment previously in the zoo where she was rescued from. He growled at anyone who tried to approach him and gave a visible sign of danger, that made his current caretakers, the experts in wild- cats, scared to reach him. They didn’t know how to gain his trust. However, they didn’t want to give up on him.

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