A Deer Was Run Over By A Car


This was a very emotional rescue! When deer was run over by a car, the animal stayed on the side of the road and could not run away. The man came to help the animal. He looked at her condition and decided to take her to the hospital. The deer was very nervous. Man and his helpmates tended to her woundsб stitched them up and gave the painkiller to the scared patient.
They hurried to return her to the wood because deers suffer from capture myopathy, which is a complex disease associated with the captivity of wild animals. When animals are too stressed, it can die of this disease.
When the deer was brought to the wood, she struggled to stand up again. It seemed that the animal did not have will to live. But this man did something marvelous. He urged, coaxed and encouraged her to move. With tears in his eyes he watched her hoping she would survive.