2-week-old donkey is nowhere to be seen. Then farmer finds his hilarious hiding place and can’t stop laughing


This donkey is now a chance to grow not only stubborn, but also very lazy donkey. Perhaps no animal in the world more controversial than the long-eared donkey. This is probably the only representative of the fauna, is reputed to be simultaneously wise and stupid, docile and stubborn, hardworking and lazy.

The ancestor of the domestic donkey in the distant past was widespread in the deserts of North Africa. Currently, there are only two subspecies of wild donkey — Somali and Nubian. They live off the coast of the red sea, in Somalia and Northern Ethiopia. The Somali donkey is the Nubian a little bigger and darker in color, his legs in dark lanes. Several hundred wild donkeys live only near the Gulf of Aden coast in Somalia and possibly Ethiopia.

Nubian donkey has a lighter color, distributed in Eritrea, Sudan and Northern Ethiopia. Wild donkeys are almost completely unexplored, because they behave very cautiously and avoid people. It is only known that they live in the desert and semi-desert, where they feed primarily grass and shrub vegetation.