2-week-old donkey in the hiding place


Baby donkeys are the sweetest little creatures that can sleep pretty much anywhere. Elvis the donkey is no exception. From the moment he was born, Elvis, now just two weeks old, could be seen sleeping at the most awkward places. His owner found this really interesting and fun up until one morning when the cute baby was nowhere to be found.

The owner already checked all the spots where he thought Elvis could fall asleep but in vain. He checked each corner of the property twice and he started getting anxious because he though something bad might have happened to the baby donkey.

That’s when he decided to look around the house. What he saw next was so funny that he rushed to grab the camera and film the whole thing. Elvis found the perfect place to take a nap, the hammock placed at the front porch. His owner didn’t even think of waking him up, but started swinging the hammock to make his nap even more comfortable.

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Source: weloveanimals.me