18 Years After Saving Chimp Their Eyes Meet Again


She did everything possible from her to free those chimps 18 years ago and now she goes to visit them. Linda took part in a project and after it was over, she made hard efforts to release the chimps. They stepped on the grass for the first time and climbed the tree for the first time. It was so touching but nobody new if it something would come of it or not. Linda had been watching over them for four years, but later was out of touched and then 18 years later she came to see them again. Amazingly, but the chimps remembered her. They were happy to meet her again. Watch how they accepted the human who literally saved their lives, This is a tearjerker!
Over 30 chimps have already found refuge in this reserve in Florida and each of them has its own sad story. But they are not angry with people for broken lives. They try to enjoy what they have now.